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Ground Self-Defense

Learn the 5 most important movement fundamentals to defend yourself on the ground and improve your ground fighting abilities. TST's Defense Fit™ Program.

Self-Defense Flashlight

Modern Self-defense flashlights are made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum. The available functions, design, ergonomics, and brightness should impact which brand or type of tactical light you should choose to carry for self-defense.

Advanced Concealed Carry Drill

This Concealed Carry Drill is designed to provide you with an opportunity to work on fundamental movement patterns and gun handling skills that are essential for surviving and winning a gunfight.

Color Codes Of Awareness

The Color Code Awareness System is a clear, concise and methodical system designed to help people survive dangerous encounters by understanding and adapting one’s awareness levels...

Superman Front Kicks

The Superman Front Kick movement pattern is not an exercise that you mindlessly rep out. Rather, it demands mental focus, balance and concentration. Consequently, you are looking for quality over quantity with this one.

Firearm Safety Training

No matter the situation, you must always be thinking about firearm safety. Top firearms instructors in the country, I noticed one universal aspect of their instruction and training methodology..