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"The Self-Defense Flashlight, also referred to as a Tactical Light or Taclight, is one of the most underrated, yet most valuable, self-defense tools available to the defense-minded citizen."


Modern Self-defense flashlights are made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum. The available functions, design, ergonomics, and brightness should impact which brand AND type of light you choose to carry for self-defense

The art to figuring out the right self-defense flashlight for you, is to start with the end in mind.  Identify what you need the flashlight for and how you will carry, store or access it when needed. Select the most powerful and robust self-defense flashlight that fits the demands and guidelines you have identified.  Most quality tactical flashlight and self-defense flashlight companies produce lights that will last for many years, withstand substantial abuse and have IPX waterproof ratings.  Some even offer lifetime warranties.  Choose quality over price and you will have a functioning self-defense flashlight for a long time!

Instructor's TOP PICK - FENIX PD35 Tactical edition

watch the video above to see our breakdown on the fenix PD35 Tactical Edition Flashlight.  This is our top pick of the year, and for good reason.  check out the features and benefits above. 

SELF-Defense Flashlights - lumens

LumenS refer to brightness. higher lumens, brighter the light. Under most situations, it's more advantageous to have a brighter and stronger light

Lumens represent the total amount of light in a particular beam or angle of light. The higher the lumen, the brighter the light. Under most circumstances, especially for defensive purposes, it is more advantageous to have a brighter light. Our self-defense instructors recommend that you select the brightest, most efficient and practical self-defense flashlight as possible. However, there is a specific reason why we mention efficient and practical in our recommendations—There are self-defense flashlights that feature impressive Lumen output, like the 2000 Lumen Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition, but the size and weight would preclude you from using it as an EDC flashlight.
SELF-Defense Flashlights - RECOMMENDATIONS

Don’t limit yourself to only one Self-Defense flashlight or Tactical Light. We emphasize the importance of utilizing different lights for different situations

Our instructors suggest that you explore the advantages of each of the following— a mini EDC flashlight, a compact self-defense EDC flashlight with beveled impact edges, a full size heavy-duty flashlight with beveled edges and a clip or holster, a durable waterproof flashlight to keep in your medical or emergency survival bag, a high-lumen heavy-duty light to permanently keep in your vehicle, and a very high-lumen light to permanently store and use home defense. Here are some basic recommendations and guidelines for choosing the right flashlight for the right situation:
Mini EDC Self-Defense Flashlight
Minimum Lumens 200.  Recommended 500+ Lumens.  A mini EDC (every day carry) flashlight is small, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used as a temporary blinding device in self-defense situations.  With modern technology, you can find a mini EDC self-defense flashlight with 500+ Lumens that will fit in the palm of your hand.  When your carry options are limited based on your clothing type or pocket availability, the mini EDC self-defense flashlight is a great low-profile option.  
Compact EDC Self-Defense Flashlight
Minimum Lumens 500.  Recommended 1000+ Lumens.  A compact EDC flashlight is sized between a full-size and mini self-defense flashlight, with the flashlight body extending wider than the palm by several inches on either side.  With the availability of higher lumen counts, temporary blinding capabilities will be enhanced.  Additionally, since the flashlight body is wider than the palm, it can be used as an impact self-defense weapon.  Look for self-defense flighlights featuring military-grade anodized aluminum and beveled edges around the light housing. 
Full Size EDC Self-Defense Flashlight
Minimum Lumens 800.  Recommended 1200+ Lumens.  A full size EDC flashlight will be larger than the compact but still able to be carried in a pocket, on a belt or in a bag.  In regards to countervailing self-defense, a full sized heavy duty self-defense flashlight is your best option.  The heavier weight and longer lever-arm will turn this flashlight into a serious impact weapon.  Like the compact EDC self-defense flashlight, look for a military grade anodized aluminum frame with a striking beveled edge on the flashlight rim. 
SELF-Defense Flashlights - lEGALITY

Currently the United States does not label flashlights as weapons. As such, there are no explicit legal restrictions related to their use

For the most current information, please check with your state, county and federal authorities regarding possession and use of self-defense lights or tactical flashlights. At the time of this writing, the United States does not label or recognize flashlights as weapons. Since tactical lights are not categorized as weapons, there are no explicit legal restrictions related to their use. However, once someone reports they are carrying a light for self-defense, they have inadvertently labeled it a weapon themselves. Be mindful of this fact, especially if you carry your flashlight for defensive purposes.
TSA & Self-Defense Flashlights
Traveling With Your Self-Defense Flashlight.  Regarding TSA and traveling with flashlights. Flashlights are not on the TSA banned items list. I have been able to pass TSA security checkpoints with a tactical flashlights in the following United States airports: La Guiardia (NYC), Logan Int’l (Boston), Charlotte-Douglas Int'l (Charlotte), Louis Armstrong Int’l (New Orleans), LAX (Los Angeles), Salt Lake Int'l (Salt Lake City) and Raleigh-Durham Int’l (Raleigh). I suggest that you remove the batteries, keep them separate in your luggage, and keep flashlights with other electronics.  Never report that your flashlight is being used for self-defense.

OUR EDGED & IMPACT WEAPON TRAINING Curriculum includes self-defense tactics and strategies for utilizing your flashlight for self-defense, personal protection and home defense.


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